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White Gradient

Graham Parker, Pt. 2

Episode 76, Caropop with Mark Caro

The second half of this lively conversation with the great Graham Parker covers his classic run of ‘70s and ’80s albums, including the first five with the Rumour. What impact did producers Nick Lowe, Mutt Lange, Jack Nitzsche, Jimmy Iovine and Jack Douglas have on his music? Did Parker have any inkling that Squeezing Out Sparks would become so revered? Which of his albums does he consider a “stone old classic”? What’s his issue with The Up Escalator? Why did he need to move on from the Rumour to maximize his growth as a singer-songwriter? Whom was he evoking in his singing on “Wake Up (Next To You),” his one U.S. Top 40 hit? Which of his songs should’ve been a dance hit? This episode hits the spot.



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