White Gradient

Peter Holsapple, Pt. 1

Episode 39, Caropop with Mark Caro

You may have seen Peter Holsapple playing live with R.E.M. or Hootie and the Blowfish, but you should know his own music. He co-led and then led the dB's, delivering such smart, tuneful songs as "Black and White," "Big Brown Eyes," "Living a Lie," "Neverland," "Amplifier" and "Love Is for Lovers." He also played in the Continental Drifters, made three excellent duo albums with Chris Stamey, and has toured and recorded under his own name. In part one of our conversation, he recalls listening to Chicago's WCFL while growing up in North Carolina, describes the dB's beginnings and Stamey's departure, and offers deep insights and colorful stories about the creative life of a songwriter/musician.



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