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White Gradient

David Pasquesi

Episode 68, Caropop with Mark Caro

David Pasquesi is an actor who makes an impression even if you don’t know his name. He brightens The Book of Boba Fett as the sly, untrustworthy Majordomo. He’s the smiling, conniving Veep ex-husband Andrew Meyer. He’s the ever-searching alchemist Blaise St. John on the cult-fave AMC series Lodge 49. He also performs the wholly improvised TJ and Dave show with fellow Second City alumnus T.J. Jagodowski. How does Pasquesi balance acting and improv? Why does he play so many shifty characters? Will he attend Star Wars conventions now? Pasquesi is quick-witted and revealing in this conversation, recorded live at the club Space in Evanston. Don't miss Michael Shannon's question at the end.



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