White Gradient

Brinsley Schwarz

Episode 51, Caropop with Mark Caro

Welcome to pub rock! Brinsley Schwarz is the namesake of the band Brinsley Schwarz and guitarist for Graham Parker and the Rumour. The band Brinsley Schwarz, which featured songs written and sung by his schoolmate, Nick Lowe, began with a burst of bad publicity—which he recounts blow by blow—but flourished as the quintessential British pub-rock band. Yet not even Lowe’s “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding” or a tour with Paul McCartney and Wings could break the band commercially, so it split. Schwarz went on to form the Rumour (with last week’s guest, Steve Goulding), which backed Graham Parker. Now he’s creating Brinsley Schwarz albums as himself. Schwarz knows how to tell a story, and he’s got  great ones.



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