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“Taking Over Victory Gardens to Make a ‘Theater for All,” The New York Times, 4/18/21


“It’s a new day for ’80s ‘jangle’ courtesy of Pylon, ‘Strum and Thrum’ box sets,”

Chicago Sun-Times, 3/26/21


“Chicago music critic Howard Reich avoided writing about his family and the Holocaust until it became his calling,” The Forward, 1/14/21


“As Chicago Jews mourn the Standard Club, some refuse to say goodbye,” The Forward, 11/23/20


“How to Open a Top-Tier Restaurant in a Pandemic? Rethink Everything,” The New York Times, 7/28/20.


“Letter From Chicago: In pandemic Gov. Pritzker finds his moment,” The Forward, 4/1/20


“My dad lives in a senior facility with coronavirus cases. If he can’t get tested, who can?” The Forward, 3/23/20


“The Most American Startup Ever: How Cameo reinvented the monetization of fame for the social-media era,” Chicago magazine, 1/14/20


“A Man Worth Killing: Nick Kokonas Has Some Enemies,” Chicago magazine, 7/30/19


“What’s the Price of Justice? For Jon Loevy, go-to lawyer for the wrongfully convicted, that’s the multimillion-dollar question,” Chicago magazine, 10/16/18


“Please Don’t Take Carrie Coon Too Seriously,” Chicago magazine,10/1/18


“A Gilbert and Sullivan Jaunt to Margaritaville,” The New York Times,



“Big Data Dining: Where Everybody Knows Your Name,” Chicago magazine, 11/13/17


“The Lonely Crusade of Jim DeRogatis,” Chicago magazine, 10/16/17


“A Movie Date with My Younger Self,” The New York Times, 3/24/17


“Garry Shandling Memorial Mixes Laughs, Tears and a Few Characters,” The New York Times, 4/25/16

“Milwaukee dives into water tech, Chicago just getting feet wet,” Chicago Tribune, 6/12/15


“Should Rembrandt, Van Gogh help bail out a bankrupt Detroit?” Los Angeles Times, 10/18/13

FOIE GRAS, Chicago Tribune


“Liver and Let Live,” 3/29/05


“Trotter won't turn down heat in foie gras flap,” 4/7/05


Sonoma Foie Gras report, 10/5/05


“Did California learn anything from Chicago's foie gras ban?”





“Renee Fleming is a Lyric operative,” 12/5/14

“Chicago's Mick Napier: Master of Annoyance,” 5/16/14

“Jill Soloway hits it big with Amazon's 'Transparent',” 3/21/14

“'Anchorman 2': The Chicago roots of Adam McKay,” 12/6/13

 “Yo-Yo Ma gives musical challenge to Chicago's Civic Orchestra,” 5/3/2013


“Apatow, Mann balance laughs, drama, fiction and family in '40,'” 12/07/12

“Jonah Hill is in the game, having fun,” 9/22/11:


“What happened to Michael McDermott?” 6/22/11


“Amy Landecker stays in focus,” 4/27/11


Mary and Michael Gross: “Hollywood's fickle; family ties endure,” 3/16/11

“William Dillon’s redemption song,” 10/7/10


“There's more to Northbrook's Scott Adsit than '30 Rock,'”



“Viola Davis embraces 'Doubt' and joy,” 2/15/09

John Cusack, Chicago Tribune Magazine cover story: “The Reluctant Celebrity,” 12/9/2007


Jennifer Hudson I: “Life after 'Idol'? It's a dream,” 12/17/06


Jennifer Hudson II: Oscar Week: “Dreamgirl!” 2/26/07


Graham Elliot Bowles battles Bobby Flay on “Iron Chef America”: “Gentlemen, start your ranges!” Chicago Tribune Magazine 2/11/07

And: “Cooking up controversy on 'Iron Chef,'” 2/12/07


Denyce Graves: “'Carmen' reborn,” 10/9/05


“It's murder he wrote as Gene Hackman returns to Danville,” 6/6/04

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