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Which are the fake Disney Plus projects?

It’s Disney Plus Day, everybody! How are you celebrating the second anniversary of this semi-successful platform?

Disney Plus is marking the occasion by announcing a slew of upcoming series and movies.

Caropop is marking the occasion by turning this into a quiz.

Which five of the following are not upcoming Disney Plus projects?

1. All My Woodys, a Toy Story spinoff in which a collector hordes Woody dolls.

2. Cars on the Road, an animated series based on Pixar’s Cars movies.

3. Cheaper By the Dozen, a remake starring Gabrielle Union and Zach Braff.

4. Disenchanted, an Enchanted sequel starring Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey.

5. Green Goblin: Third Generation, a miniseries showing how young Lance Osborn becomes the latest incarnation of Spider-Man’s nemesis

6. The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, in which director James Gunn evokes the magic of The Star Wars Holiday Special.

7. Hocus Pocus 2, a sequel reuniting Hocus Pocus stars Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy.

8. I Am Groot, a series of shorts about Baby Groot causing trouble in outer space.

9. Ms. Marvel, a miniseries about a Pakistani-American Marvel fan who gets superpowers.

10. Marvel Zombies, an animated series in which Marvel superheroes battle zombies.

11. Rata-2-E, a sequel to Pixar’s Ratatouille.

12. Ruthless People, a remake of the 1986 comedy, starring Kevin Hart, Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas.

13. She-Hulk, a series about a lawyer with a nasty green temper.

14. Sneakerella, a gender-flipped version of Cinderella.

15. Young Doc, an animated series depicting the early years of Snow White’s wisest dwarf.

I'll post the answers in the comments, or you can cheat and click on this Variety article.



Nov 12, 2021

I'll guess 1,5,11,13,15. But then I'm not the target audience.


I'm still holding out hope for a "Spin & Marty," reboot, yippiee-a yippie-i yippiee-o!

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